JTech Shapeoko Pro Mount

So Jtech released a specific mount for the Shapeoko Pro and have commented in an email “Everyone who has used it says it works well”

Hoping someone on this forum can validate that before I pull the trigger.


The link you provided says $14.99. Not much of a trigger to pull considering the cost of the other amenities we buy for the Shapeoko.


It would only cost $15 if I owned the laser, but regrettably my actual price is ~$700 (which will come with the new mount).

So I was just hoping someone who is using this J tech laser with the new Shapeoko Pro mount can give some honest feedback before I pull the “buy” trigger (as there are a few different laser options out there)

This is obliquely relevant, Brandon. I purchased a 4.2W JTech laser with the magnetic mount, shroud and the high resolution lens. The laser performs brilliantly using Lightburn. The magnetic mount comprised a large magnet and a 3D printed mount that attached to the Router. I found some of the nuts hard to place and some of the screw holes were not accurate so I could not mount the laser fan correctly.

I had some extensive discussions with Jay at JTech and he was apologetic and offered to send me other parts FOC. In the event, I modified the mounting holes and all is now well. One result of my discussion with Jay was that he has taken on board the comments I made about captive nuts and said he will now modify his designs. Jay is a very amenable guy and if you had any problems, I am sure he would deal with them very fairly.

The laser is a great piece of kit and a worthwhile addition to the Shapeoko. The magnetic quick release mount is a good way to have the best of both worlds. I found the mount to hold the laser head rock steady and it does not vibrate or move.


@jepho Can you confirm you attached this to the Pro. My understanding was you had the Shapeoko 3 and my question specifically related to the new Pro mount.

FYI - your comments about Jay have been echoed in so many other posts and is the primary reason why I was considering getting the JTech vs the competitors. It’s clear in this line of work you need good technical support.

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I cannot speak for the pro mount - because I don’t have a pro. But since some of the “jump” is the cost of the laser itself, I will echo those who are big fans of the JTech lasers and attachments. I love my 7W and absolutely swear by it. The mount (not the pro mount - I have the SuckIt mount) is sturdy and consistent. Jay’s support is wonderful - I only needed it in the beginning, and he was quick and thorough - even giving me some great ideas for vapor collection and tricks for alignment that weren’t even in his product domain

I have the standard SO3, Brandon. I apologise to you for any confusion I may have caused. I understood that you were referring to the Shapeoko Pro. I just thought you may like to know that the service from JTech was great and even though my magnetic router mount was not able to be used as was intended, I was able to modify and adapt it.

I found Jay to be outstanding in his approach and his customer service. With JTech, Carbide 3D and Lightburn (Oz is brilliant), you will have the perfect group synergy with support to answer all of your work needs with CNC and laser. These businesses are aware of each other and add a little something to the other’s products. Highly recommended.


@Intohouse You’re also going to find that Lightburn is a much more powerful design tool - and, since the middle of last year when both companies worked to tolerate each other’s formats, you can export an SVG from Lightburn and bring it into CC; and vice versa. So you’ll find yourself doing a quite a bit of design in Lightburn, even for your projects you don’t plan on burning.

Lightburn, by the way, is cheap and well worth it.