Juice groove - cutting board

Hi All - I’ve got the below bit on hand and am tasked to help a friend make a juice groove in a cutting board they made. A few questions I’m hoping you can help me with:

  1. Is this a good bit to use? I’ve read you can use a V bit or even ball nose downcut to make a juice groove, not sure which is best?

  2. Do I just create a square in CC or should I use any particular shape (I want a square juice groove)


I think the ball-nosed endmill is best.

Rounding off the rectangle with a fillet to match the endmill diameter looks best.

You should just be able to draw the path which you want, then assign a Contour | No offset path to a reasonable depth:

Awesome thanks @WillAdams Got another question for you (sorry) - what settings should I use to add that bit I previously mentioned into the tool library - would CC support that kind? I’m thinking I want to try out both and see what I like best.

Thanks again!!

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Yes, I added that to make my preview. See: https://docs.carbide3d.com/assembly/carbidecreate/video-tutorials/#custom-tools

Scott, I use a 1/4” straight bit setting I set no offset. And I make it a maximum of 1/8” deep. Take at least three passes, and it will look great. I use a 2.2 spindle. It may be that a small router should take 5 passes. The round bit you show works perfectly.

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