July 1 & july 4 Thank You!

Happy Canada Day!!

Happy Independance Day weekend!

Proud and happy to be where i am and supported by countless brave individuals.

Thank you all and stay safe!


I enjoyed a nice weekend making flags.
However, the sanding was a little frustrating. Not so much the main parts but around the Maple Leaf!
I have done a 1/8 ball on different angles to clean everything up and it worked beautifully. However, i really need to do a contour path around the Maple Leaf at the end. My long winded question is, how do i make this contour path so it follows the wave and doesnt just carve the same depth around the Leaf.
Thanks for your time

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There isn’t really an option for this (you could sort of do it w/ a roughing toolpath limited by vectors which describe region you want followed) — the answers for better results in a 3D Finishing toolpath are:

  • EDIT altering stepover so that the toolpaths overlap each other more.
  • using smaller tools
  • both of the above

Thats too bad.
Both of the above is simple enough though

Didn’t you mean decreasing stepover?

Changing the stepover value so that the toolpaths overlap each other more.

I knew there would be some semantic difference.

Increasing the stepover overlap physically = decreasing the stepover percentage value.

I was able to read between the step over lines :slight_smile:

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