Just a shout out to Carbide 3d

Just wanted to say thanks Carbide for the 1 yr. free use of CC pro! That’s awesome of you guys, although it’s probably a good marketing ploy as well, because now you will probably get me addicted to it and then I’ll have to buy it. :smile:


Thanks Don. Be sure to share some pics of what you make with it.


Rob had answered me on another post when I commented that I had a Shark Pro HD and would try the post processor for it. I was about to buy Vetric Desktop so I could run both machines. The Shark Pro HD does not any CAD/CAM software other than commercial software or open source.

I have had my Shapeoko for a little over a year and love Carbide Create and Motion. I have made a ton of projects and the Carbide Create is intuitive to me. I just upgraded to the HDZ and am ready to move on to more advanced projects. This new 1 year license saved me $350.00 and the extensive learning curve for Vetric. I had tried Fusion 360 but go no where. Since I have a good command of Carbide Create I think the new features should easily mastered. Well not mastered but adequate for my skill level.

Thanks for the upgrade.

I am on the X-Carve community and like our Shapeoko Community better. I am also on the Shark Forum but that forum is a dead as a pigeon in the water tank. So thanks to Carbide 3d and to the forum members for help and support. I came from several service organizations that gave great service to our customers and I see that same great support from Carbide 3d. Between the Shapeoko, Carbide Create, Carbide Motion and the Support I dont think you can go wrong with the Shapeoko.


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