Just acquired a used ShapeOko 2 and can't get the servos to move

Total noob trying to get a second hand ShapeOko 2 working. I’ve spent a day or so trying to learn all i can here and on the grbl site. I tried the universal g code sender. Found the serial port, set baud to 9600. When I try to manually jog an error window comes up “Grbl has not finished booting”. I checked power to the Arduino and the CNC shield. When I open and close the serial port i get a tiny bump from the servos if I feel them. What is the next step? Should I try to reload the grbl interpreter on the arduino? It was supposedly working when i got it and it has been used.

Which version of Grbl is installed on the machine?

Early versions used 9600 baud, but this has been changed in more recent versions to 115200.

Yes, if you can’t get the system to respond to commands, Reflashing Grbl is one way to address that. Details here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Grbl and on the Grbl wiki.

Thanks for your input William. I don’t know how to get the version number of Grbl. However, when I was trying to use Chilipepr and setting up the serial port, the CNC’s status would be offline until I selected 9600. Then it went to idle. It wouldn’t hurt to upgrade to 0.9 anyway I’m thinking. I just hate to throw more variables at my ignorance if there is other troubleshooting I can do that leaves it in it’s last usable state.

Ok, figured out it was the usb cable. Facepalming I didn’t try that first.

Thanks Rick

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