Just bought Pro License, have question

I just bought the pro verion of carbide for many reasons but mainly to fix a current issue im having today.
I tried to cut a big male part for an inlay and it chipped out all over once the 60deg v bit came in and ruined all the perfect lines the 1/8 end mill did. I need to switch the order of bits in vcarve so the v bit cuts all its paths first and then the 1/8 pocket bit cuts last. This will help with the blowouts by a lot. Can anyone tell me how to choose what bit runs first?

Just realized i may have to download the 754 beta pro version. Doing that now

Correct, this is a feature added in the recent beta:


  • (NEW) Advanced V-carve now has the option to set the order of pocket and V-carve tools.
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