Just finished my new exhaust routing

I tried doing this with 1-7/8" hose, but they didn’t make that size for this type of hose. But in the end I am glad I used the larger hose, the suction is much stronger.


My only concern would be that you’ll have waste material dropping out in that long horizontal run along your joist, which will build up and constrict airflow.

Might want to bang the pipe while it’s running every now and again to dislodge anything that might accumulate :slight_smile:

Very tidy setup, quite nice! What dust-shoe design are you using?

Thanks, I don’t think that will be an issue. This is a very powerful suction with high velocity.
The shoe design is found here:

I also did a kind of review, here, some time ago. Things have changed a bit from that time as I was working with Beta designs. Plus the website address is now different. I personally don’t like a heavy brush around the work area, I just wanted something to hold a vacuum hose in an optimal way. I continue to improve it.

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Nice clean look DJ,I love it.Amazing job!