Just getting back to trying to enter parameters into mdi

Guy’s and girls, I can not seem to enter anything into mdi settings. When I try to enter directly through GBRL line and send I receive a busy notification. Then I tried going through my settings and opening up my log it’s not allowing me to even type in a command. What am I missing. Help please.

What version of Carbide Motion are you having this difficulty with?

Which commands are you trying to send?

Is this before or after Initializing the machine?

Build 513 I’m trying to input $$30, so I can check it out, my spindle’s rpm is controlled through my tool database, but my vfd is always reading 24000rpm.

I’m trying to check it out before initialization

Have you tried inputting it with leading slash (or backslash)? as indicated on that screen.

I have with the back slash still said busy. Would it make any difference if the vfd were disconnected?

No idea.

If disconnecting that still doesn’t work, let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist w/ the machine in its stock state.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try after I finish up today’s projects.

I found out what I was doing wrong, I didn’t have my log opened to view my parameters. I can see my log now, the only issue is that $30 is already set to 1000. I thought that it would automatically control the spindle speed via my tool database. Would I be wrong or am I overlooking something?

Hi @rcamber,

So here’s how this all works:

  • in Carbide Create the default RPM values come from the tool library, but you can edit them to another custom value before generating the G-code output for a given project/toopath.
  • the RPM value (the default one or the one you chose to override) is included in the generated G-code file: this is the xxx value found on the “M03Sxxx” lines
  • $30 is GRBL’s “Max spindle speed” which is an RPM value, but behind the scenes what it does is convert the RPM value from the G-code (that GRBL receives on the fly when running the job) to a PWM voltage on the controller (which in turn gets sent to the VFD, that adjust its RPM accordingly). The PWM signal that the VFD expects and the Shapeoko controller sends, is a 0 to 5V signal. 0V correspond to 0 RPM, and 5V correspond to…the value stored in $30.
  • so if your $30 is set to 1000, an RPM value in the G-code will translate to “full speed” as soon as that value is above or equal to 1000 RPM. And since a) all RPM values from the design project are usually greater than 1000, and b) your VFD probably has a max speed of 24000RPM for a commanded 5V at the PWM input, this results in what you are seeing: 24k RPM at the VFD regardless of the RPM value in the Gcode.
  • this is why if you use a VFD setup, you must update $30 to 24000, so that it maps out correctly. Once this is done, GRBL will generate e.g a 2.5V signal if the commanded RPM in the G-code is 12000, the VFD will then read 2.5V on its input, determine that it is half of the max speed, and it will run at 12.000RPM.
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Outstanding, so I need to change $30 from 1000 to 24000. Tyvm

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Hey Julien, thanks a bunch my problem is solved. After I entered the data in and saved it. I ran a quik test and my vfd adjusted the rpm to my tool database. Outstanding. Love this group.:grin:

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