Just got a new Shapeoko 3 XXL Question about the new connector

I see the connector is connected to the pins that most people use to control a relay to turn off and off the router. I thought it was a molex microfit 3, but it wwasn’t quite lining up.

Is it possible to get the type of connector that is, so I can use it to make a relay?

Could you post a picture of this connector please?

Sadly I can not get to it at the moment, here’s another thread talking about it

Thanks, however if you need help on what type of connector that might fit we need a closeup picture, or wait for C3d’s response on type.

I went and got some pictures. One is blurry due to the angle, the other straight on shot is pretty good.

This is for a new accessory we are working on. Watch this space…


…but…I’m holding your beer. I have to do both?


but I wanted to use it for a relay :wink: Could you at least give the connector type if possible?

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on the one hand I love it
on the other hand… TAKE OUR MONEY NOW :wink:

Looks like a PCI-Express 6-pin, is this for ray tracing in the future?

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It looks like a Molex Microfit 3 Connector, but doesn’t fit (I have them on hand.) Might be an ultra fit connector type though (but its the female version which is normally on the outside.

Here: https://www.molex.com/molex/products/family/microfit_30


here: https://www.molex.com/molex/products/family/ultrafit_power_connectors

PCIE is this https://www.molex.com/molex/products/part-detail/pcb_headers/0455580002

Man you guys are charging on the upgrades, love it

I’ve got about a tray full of beers by now @Luke @Jorge


PS I made my own version of this new accessary 3+ years ago, and of ALL the neat things I have done to my Shapeoko, this by FAR has been the most rewarding! (And my neighbor thanks me too for it).

I think I HEAR what you are saying, Richard. :rofl:

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