Just messing about learning

With the limited time I have had over the past few weeks, I haven’t had much time to play around with and learn about the shapeoko. Some basic playing around with V-carving, and a presentation box for a knife with the customers name, and a design engraved into it (the box not the knife). I did black out the customers last name in the photo. I’ve playing with changing the size and placement of art the engravings. The box is a very basic plywood deal with the guys name and the design engraved into it. I used some brass rod that was left over from making pins for the handle of his knife to make a “pivot hinge” I guess you would call it. Just drilled a hole that would be a tight fit, and peened one end so it wouldn’t pull through. I left one corner of the box (to the right of the pin) high to act as a stop when the lid is swung closed. oh, and yeah the box is meant to look unpolished and rough. lol. My wife gave me a bit a flak for letting something look that rough out of my shop. lmao.


My favorite way to learn!
with no pressure, LOL
Pretty cool ideas.

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wow that is cool

so what i do is use varnish and than paint and than sand
thAT way you dont get funny streeks on the wood