Just pulled the trigger on an Shapeoko XXL!

After a year or so of using my Nomad883 Pro and learning as much as I could about CAD/CAM, It was time to get a larger machine. I hope that the assembly is not that difficult and that I dont screw something up. I have been following the thread about Carbide 3D’s new probe and was wondering when that will become available? I am also quite sure that this question will not the last ones I will be asking!


congrats and welcome!


I’m sure the shapeoko faction of our extensive family will be happy to help you :slight_smile: I’m not likely to ever get a shapeoko, but then again, I did just get a tax return that would easily cover the cost… hmmmmmmmm


Just pulled the trigger… Nice Shot!

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Grats Craig! It wasn’t too hard to assemble. Lots of resources and help here. Just don’t fly through it and it’ll be fine.


I started with an SO2… Assembly was long and challenging. The SO3 assembly is a dream in comparison, it’s pretty straight forward. You’ll do great. Congrats and welcome!

Welcome ! Great forum and has been a big help to me on my new Shapeoko setup, etc.


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