Just Purchased A 3xxl

My 3XXL will be delivered 12/19/2020 just wondering how happy people are with theirs I have a small laser etching business i run from my basement. I’m adding the shapeoko so i can add more products.


Mostly folks are pleased — if you’re not, or have any difficulties, let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to work through things with you.

Note esp. that we have a standing offer — if you get stuck on a file or project, send it and we’ll work up a custom tutorial if we can’t find one which applies (that’s where most of our tutorials come from).


My S3 XXL has been an amazing machine. No regrets at all, in fact I liked it so much I bought a Nomad as well!
I have no experience with laser etching, but I have seen what others have done with it, and it really is very impressive. As for carving, the S3 will slice through hard wood and aluminum like butter!
Congratulations on the excellent purchase and good luck!


so how easy is the software?

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Hi @DennisG,

Me, I enjoyed the Shapeoko experience so much I wrote a small book about it :slight_smile:
Just leaving this here since you’re a new user and may be interested in reading it while you wait for your machine:



If you have never used an editor before it will take some time to learn how it works. I would definitely spend the time to read Julien’s e-book, and I believe Carbide 3d Offers a tutorial from their website if I remember correctly. I also recommend to search on youtube for some beginner videos and follow the tutorials to get started. If you run into trouble and need help the excellent staff at C3D will be more then happy to help you, also @julien and @WillAdams are both available daily on this forum if you need them.


There are some tutorials at:

We recommend folks try working through at least a couple of them.

As noted above, if you get stuck, let us know — it’s pretty straight-forward though:


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