Just some of the stuff I've made on my Nomad 3

First thing I made was some coasters just to get use to the machine. These are all 4"x4"x1/2".

Next up was a small topographical map of Mt. Saint Helens. This is about 2.5"x2.5"x1/2". I did this as a test for an 8"x8" version

The 8x8 version

The coasters and the roughing for the topographical maps were with an 1/8" O flute endmill Amana Tool - 51410-K

Feeds and speeds for the coasters were 24,000 RPM, 30 IPM, and a ramp depth of .05"

Feeds and speeds for roughing the topographical map were 24,000 RPM, 80 IPM, .5" stepdown, .015 stepover, and a .0625" step up

Feeds and speeds for finishing the topographical map were 24,000 RPM, 100 IPM, and a .005" stepover. I used a 1/32 ball endmill from Harvey Tool #835931-C3

Everything was made from poplar and programmed in Mastercam


I like what you have done.
What software are you using?

To program the toolpaths? Mastercam

I personally have a lot of freeware.
Dmap2Gcode, Meshlab, Fusion 360 (not free but free to use for a hobbyist), Halftoner and F-Engrave to name a few.

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