Just taken delivery of my BitSetter


My control board is Version 2.4e, but could I just ask, please, if I’ve got this correct (before I cock it up):

  1. The lead for the splitter board should be connected to the plug highlighted with a yellow circle?

  2. A BitRunner will connect to the black plug slightly below and to the right of it?

  3. The other lead that came with the BitSetter (with the extra red lead) is not used with this board version?

Thank you

yes the bitsetter splitter board will go on the circled 3 pin

a bitrunner (or spindle VFD) will go onto the “sideways” black 6 connector on the bottom right of your circle

(if you don;t want to use a bitzero, you don;t need the splitter board and can connect there directly)



If you are using a bitzero you may be interested in making the external enclosure for the splitter board as seen in this cutrocket project.

BitZero splitter PCB enclosure


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I was going to ask about that, because I was concerned the loose pcb could cause problems inside the box.

This looks like a perfect solution, thank you.

Isn’t the Probe connection on that new riser board the same as the circled header? (I’ve got what is now a really old version of the controller) If so (pinout matches), that would eliminate the splitter.

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I don’t know, but hopefully someone will answer that question before I put it all together :roll_eyes:

I was wondering what the two risers were for!


P = Probe
F = Feedhold, in case you want to wire a feedhold button (see this)
The one on the right is an alternate for Probe, but I don’t know which of the three pins is which (5V/Probe/GND…easy to figure out if required)


So, from the link to the Feed Hold button thread, and if I understand it correctly, an intermittent switch connected to the outer two pins on right hand riser (as shown in the red rectangle), will initiate a Feed Hold on first press (which will raise the spindle and turn it off if a BitRunner is fitted) and a Resume on the second press?


Almost. A first press will initiate a feedhold (= have the same effect as using the “Pause” button in CM), a second press will do nothing at the machine level, but will let CM go back to a state where the “Start” button is enabled again, at which point you can press “Start” and it will resume the cut.


I have made this exact addition of a feedhold/pause physical button, and can confirm @Julien’s description of the functionality when pressed.


Sorry, I’m a bit slow. I take it this means the ‘Start’ button in CM?

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Yes, sorry the “button” part was ambiguous, I did mean Start in CM


For folks who are curious, I believe that the pressing of the Start button is sending the command


to Grbl.

If the answer to this question…

…is “yes”, I don’t have to buy 500 connectors when I only need 1 for the Feed Hold button!


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