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I carved this 18 in farmhouse clock the other day for the wife. After asking for help on this site (and getting it Thank You ! ) I thought I would post this project to see if anyone had any input on what I might do different . Just trying to be a little more active on this helpful site. Thanks KB

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Post your pic please.


Yes, what gdon_2003 said! :grin:

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Love the minimalist design! :joy:

we…need…picture…:slight_smile: must…have…picture :grinning:


Cock a Doodle Do, Oink Oink and Moo. At least your clock wont wake you up in the middle of the night like Chickens, Pigs and Cows.

The hands need to contrast so try white hands. To calibrate a clock put the hour hand on and spin it to exactly 12:00. Then put the minute hand on exactly at the 12:00 position. Most hour hands are gear driven where the minute hands are slip on so dont move the hour hand by pushing it use the knob on the back of the clock to position it. Same if you add the second hand. The second hand is almost always a push on.

If you dont like white hands then try red. You have a lot of black and black hands ten to get lost with the background. The most important thing about a clock is to be able to read it from across the room.

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Thanks gdon_2003 great Ideas!!

Cow-pig-en ???

Already showed this once, but my chicken is expert with a CNC router. I’ll ask her to give you a few pointers.


Try the McEtcher on an egg.