Katana Stand with integrated drawer

I am new to the milling world, but what I know of 3D printing has carried over quite nicely to learning my new Nomad 883 Pro. So far I am quite happily learning, even though there are a few things that bug the heck out of me with Carbide Create which I will probably suggest fixes for later.

Anyway, while I work with my next project that I really bought the Nomad for, I figured I would post a few pictures of my first project. I was unhappy with the Katana stand I had bought, which was made from MDF, and it started falling apart. So I designed and built my own from red oak for cheaper than the original stand was. The project helped me learn bit about the machine and how to break the limits of the 8x8 milling area since I was milling 12x5.5 red oak boards.

I designed it in Rhinoceros so that it could be placed on a surface or be hung from the wall, and it integrates a drawer for the traditional Katana sword cleaning equipment.