Key Hole engaging the Z sensor

I’m attempting to cut a key hole on the back of a sign with a Whiteside Keyhole bit #3050, I set my cutting depth to 3/8". Whenever I attempt to cut this, my machine will start the initial cut go down to appx 1/4", at which point it seems to engage the Z-sensor (it click’s) go back up and will not finish the operation. I have had no issues drilling holes or vee carving deeper than the 1/4".

Any suggestions as to what is causing this?

As far as I know (you didn’t say what machine you are using) there is no “Z-sensor” that will sense that. (The homing switch is for upward travel of the Z axis.)

What you are hearing “click’s” is your Z (I’m guessing) losing steps because it is bottoming out. Most likely you need to bring your stock up a bit so the Z will reach the cut you have in your toolpath.

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Thanks for your quick reply - the click I’m hearing is the same click that happens if you are trying to zero your Z but goes .025" too deep - however it does not make sence to me that it will happen when trying to “drill” a hole with in the cutting parameters - remember I can actually cut all the way through (19mm)

Try plunging much slower. Keyhole bits work better if you already slot with a different tool.

Thank you for the advise - brought the plunge rate way down and that did the trick - much appreciated - Lars