Keyboard Commands for Jog screen controls?

I am programming a jog controller for Carbide Motion. I have found keystrokes to control X,Y,Z and speed, but I am looking for the other controls such as spindle on, set zero, rapid position, probe, or menu list commands. I know this question has been asked in other forms, but maybe a feature request for keyboard commands for any on-screen control if they don’t exist?

Anyone? :slight_smile:

There aren’t any other keyboard commands (and even the two nifty joystick button commands for speed increment slower/faster aren’t exposed as keyboard buttons unfortunately).

Back in the days of Carbide Motion 4, one enterprising soul took advantage of the API to set up a very nice pendant using a Stream Deck:

but that’s not an option w/ CM5

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If you’re comfortable working a little lower level, the UI is written in c++, using the QT framework with the signals and slots. Using some reverse engineering, you can find the ProbeDialog::on_beginProbe_clicked() and PaneJog::on_rapidSE_clicked() slots. The slots let you interact with the UI event loop and mimic that the user had actually performed some action.

There’s a MachineController class with some more util type functions like MachineController::jogSpindle(int), MachineController::sentToGrbl(QString), MachineController::setPosition(double, double, double). You have to be a little more careful the lower level you get, so you dont call something out of order and break the internal state machine.

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Thanks! I retired from IT so I’m ok with code, but I was looking for something a bit more practical so I can woodwork and not code…:woozy_face:

I decided to use a macro recorder that can emulate mouse actions. I then used a companion app to assign the actions to hot keys and call them from the Elgato Stream Deck.

I can now access anything in the app that makes sense for a pendant control.

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