Keyboard not jogging Carbide Motion

I’m running Carbide Motion V3.0.352, Build Date: 2016-02-02, on a Macbook Pro, 10.9.5. When I go into the “jog” dialogue, I can no longer use the keyboard to move the spindle etc, it only responds to the mouse. This is not ideal! Is this a bug on my machine? Or are others seeing the same?

Randy mentioned that being a problem too on a WIndows machine. We’ve been testing it here and it seems to work fine.

If you’re reading this and using 352, let us know if the cursor keys work for jogging.

If we can replicate the problem, we can fix it.


Sorry, I’m on 349, so maybe this isn’t helpful at all, but I found that:

  1. Cursor keys work
  2. Click “Set Zero”
  3. Type a number into one of the Set Work Coordinates fields and hit return
  4. Click “Done”
  5. Cursor keys no longer work.

I’m in 352 and they do not work for jogging - by cursor keys I think you mean the arrows, right? Just making sure I’m not using the wrong things.

I have tried it with two different external keyboards, as well as the built in one on the Macbook Pro. No luck.

@kjl, the “cursor keys going away” problem has existed from the start in my expereince. I’ve reported it a while ago.

That is part of the basis of my request to have the jogging and zeroing all on one screen so there is not the flipping back and forth between the two existing screens to set up zeros (which in precision work need to be done one axis at a time)

@MrHume, the build 353 for Windows on the downloads page that the Carbide team put up last night has restored the arrow/pgup/pgdown jog keys functionality for me. (Oops, I see you’re on a Mac so maybe the same fix can be applied…)


@robgrz @Randy, I am on the new 356 build and the cursor keys fail to move the spindle/bed after you zero an axis. I’m on windows and it’s the same problem I’ve had with previous builds.

@zombeatty, yes, same here, Win7 32-bit. Something about flipping back and forth between the screens confuses CM.