Keyboard Shortcut Cheat sheet for Carbide Create and Motion

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Can I request keyboard shortcuts for rapid positioning the next CM update?

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Yes. There are so many extra clicks in CM, or at least make rapid positions not be a sub menu of the jog. Often I want to rapid to last xy but then quickly adjust xyz.

Can I add my voice to mode-free keyboard shortcuts in the UI too? For example, Pause and Resume, or initiate Homing cycle. Also increment up/down key shortcuts for the jog units rather than choose from .025, .25 etc (incr/decr is simpler in pendant terms).
Like a few others, I too am Pendant making. Nice find in the Atmel 32u4 chip (Leonardo etc) for this. Rotary encoder via simple interrupts works nicely, salient buttons for choosing X/Y/Z with LED confirmation and then incr/decr buttons on jog units.
I saw a commentary on having to ‘enable’ the jog dial for safety reasons, if not used for say 1min, or only ‘whilst holding another button’. What are peoples views on this?

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