Kill Switch Upgrade

I decided to upgrade the goofy kill switch that came with my Sparkfun Shapeoko/ Stepoko. Happy with my choice so I thought I’d pass on a reference:

APEM Inc. A02ESI3B101IX0

The stepoko just has screw terminals so there were no connectors involved. Needs a fairly deep box for clearance on the bottom.


Neat button. Does it kill power to the machine or just pause it? I have a hard time changing toils sometimes with no clearance and since i dont know how to manually program shapeoko where i want it to home i usually mess up my work piece if i dont send the file in layers…

On my controller it just breaks the electrical connection between the motors and the controller so UGS eventually faults when it stops receiving feedback but its not graceful. Once you hit the kill switch you are starting over–you usually have to redo the .gcode if things get that bad anyway.

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