Kit knife with custom moose antler scales

After considerable trial and error, I finally completed this prototype. I will be making several of these for a client. Design and toolpaths done in Fusion 360, output thru Carbide Motion. Probably can’t tell from any of the photos, but the scale is thick at the one end and tapers down (a subtle s-curve really). As far as holding the work-piece, ended up using a tip I found on here (I think it was from here) by using a piece of painter’s tape on each surface with superglue holding them together. Can’t say I am a fan of the smell, stuff really stinks when cutting and sanding the blanks but not as much while machining it.


Nice work, looks like it has some weight to it. Is the moose antler material heavy?
I really like the hardware, what’s the story on the knife kit?

It is reasonably dense, about like a hardwood. It buffs really nice, no need for a finish. The knife kit was provided by the client, so I don’t know much about it. I think he got it from Jantz.