Known issue with time remaining?

I didn’t find any obvious existing post about this but searching is a little tricky on this board.

I’ve got a job that is entirely a 2D contour oval path with about 10 step overs. IE. it just goes round and round the part.

The time remaining field displays “TextLabel” as if it never gets a value set for it until almost the very end of the job and then it displays some small about and done.

I’m guessing that this NC code is all arc moves or some move that can’t easily be estimated or Carbide motion just can’t handle estimating. At the very end there is a lead out or retract that it can estimate and displays what’s left.

That’s my guess, I may be totally off base on it.

Is this a known issue that we just live with or would it be helpful if I provided the .nc file?


CM build/version is 566

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