Kress 1050 on New Z plate

I received my new z plate but after installing came to the conclusion that the Kress spindle doesn’t stick that far out below the mount (compared to the dewalt). Resulting in a spindle that it almost 5 centimeters above the waste board in the lowest position.
Does any one else have any experience with the new Z plate and a Kress spindle.

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I added a spacer board and T-track and spoilboards to my XL so as to bring the work surface up closer:

Sure that could be an option would be a shame of the aluminum threaded wast board I also ordered.

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In that case, I’d suggest just reinforcing the old Z plate — alternately, design a new mount which projects down — perhaps the new plate could be used in tandem w/ the old?

I haven’t been able to puzzle out how to use my new Z plate as-of-yet — need a shorter belt or something.

That’s I thought I had to tandem them but the holes don’t line up since the wheels are spaced more. So probably it’s gonna be a bit more work to get a stiffer Z axis.
When I had it all mounted the belt seemed the right length although I didn’t run the machine.

I have an older, longer belt, which is likely a bit out-of-spec (unfortunately, SDP/SI was out of stock when I last placed an order).

I’ve already drilled holes in one plate, and will likely be drilling some more in the other.