Lake Superior depth map


Needs a vcarved scale bar marker! That’s pretty cool - any tips on your workflow?


Good idea
This was a first run trial but looking to add a legend and compass but I think I’ll laser that in

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That old Lake Superior thinks it is so superior to the other great lakes. However your relief map is superior. How do you think you are going to finish, natural, paint or other?

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This was scrap wood but I am up to some ideas

Laminate your substrate. Say, 3 mm thick sheets alternating with a contrasting veneer, this would give you a topo line effect. In this case you would cut smooth coutours versus what appears to be a stepwise soution.

Have you read any Steve Hamilton? He writes mysteries featuring Alex McKnight’s adventures in the UP near the shores of Superior. I grew up in the LP but summered in Newberry.


I was actually looking into doing a lake for my father-in-law today. One tip you may want to try is to use blur. IT will blend the lines between the depths. Unless the staggered heights is a look you are going for.


These are awesome! Where did you find the topography files? I would like to make one of the Chesapeake Bay. Thanks!