Laptop location

Just curious where and how you folks place your laptops.
I’ve found the limitation with the length of usb cable from the power supply too short to place mine in a position other than too close to my machine to work with comfortably.
Thanks in advance.

I have a Shapeoko 3 XXl with the controller on the left side. I have a table my machine sits on so I have a small folding table, tv tray like, I set my laptop on. I have the table on the left side at about 45 degrees to the Shapeoko. I do not plug my laptop up to electricity because of issues with EMI disconnects. My HP laptop will run 8 or more hours on battery so I dont do that many long jobs. If my battery gets low I will plug up my laptop but seldom do. The table is the perfect height for me to sit in an office chair and operate the computer and babysit the Shapeoko. I always use dust collection so I do not spray my laptop with saw dust. Once in a while I will have to remove my dust brush with a deep cut but I just pause and remove my dust brush before it would hit the work surface.

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I just bought a 15’ USB cable and coiled the excess.

My vision is to have a table on each side at a 45-degree angle. That will allow me a place to put my laptop, bits, calipers, measures, etc etc etc. Have always envisioned a Star Trek console. Putting my dust collector outside in a soundproof dog house with my air compressor.
I think my 28x20 shop is too small

You can find longer USB cables. Have not run into esd problems after I grounded my dust collector system

I have a 6’ extension USB and place it next to the front of the machine.

Please note that we recommend, and only support 2 meter (~6’) or shorter length cables. Some folks have managed longer lengths, esp. when using a powered USB hub or an active repeater cable, but those are note supported/recommended configurations.


I put a small side table on my Shapeoko table that’s on a folding shelf bracket. The bracket let’s me get the table out of the way if I want to get behind it.

Note the USB Keypad on the surface in front of the XXL - which I use to jog the head rather than having to use the mouse. I also use a USB mouse, which I find easier to use when using the Shapeoko, than the trackpad.
I’ve considered putting a 32" LED Smart TV behind the Shapeoko and cast the laptop to it, so I can do adjustments with the screen in front of me…but I haven’t gotten around to building the enclosure for it (to avoid dust build up).


One of the two of us is dating ourselves, haven’t heard tv tray in a long time. :smile:

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