Large Vertical Tile

I need to do a large 40" long x 17" tall cut on a 2.5" thick slab of wood for a wedding present. I have figured out where to separate for the tile but have never done vertical work and don’t know how to change the settings for that.

I plan to fill the cut with epoxy and am looking for recommendations for bit settings (end mill or v-carve and depth) to do the best as I only have on chance at this.

Coursey2.c2d (487.0 KB)

Here is the slab I’m working with

What size machine do you have - is there a chance you could machine in place with everything rotated 90deg?

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I have the Pro XXL

The plan was to rotate 90 degrees but I think the cut is still too long unless I tile.

If you were to only cut the lettering and design, that would be within your cutting area if you run the board along the Y axis.

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The one thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to rotate to cut along the y-axis. I’m still a newbie and haven’t done that yet.

Draw a rectangle around everything, rotate 90 degrees, deselect, go into Job Setup and swap the Stock Size Width and Height.

Thank you for that. Now to make test cuts on junk wood before the real thing.

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Time to catch on this project.

Here is the test cut on scrap wood

Since the slab is 2.5" thick I had to come up with a new way to secure it. This is after I found out that the regular clamps would NOT hold it. I ended up having to resurface the cut into a recess and redo the cut with the new clamps.

Here is the result of that new cut.

I then filled the lettering with epoxy. It worked pretty good but my question for you experienced at this is - did you pretreat the surface to prevent the epoxy from migrating into the wood around the lettering?

I am filling the recess with clear epoxy and then a coat over the entire surface.