Larger, more powerful upgrade from Nomad pro

Hello all. I’ve been very happy with my Nomad Pro but currently needing a more powerful spindle and a larger work area. I’m working mainly with acrylic and making very intricate intersecting parts that are roughly 100mm x 50mm x 3mm. I’m hoping others here have outgrown the Nomad and can offer some advice. I need to retain the accuracy and repeatability that i get with the Nomad so the SO3 is out of the question. My budget is ~$5k USD. Here are my requirements:

*Ball screws and linear rails on x/y/z
*Machine controlled spindle at least 1hp
*At least 12" x 12" workable area
*Off the shelf dust boot available
*Turn key system

I’d also prefer:

  • Computer controlled (bCNC or UCCNC)
  • Auto tool changer (must work with a dust boot)

Right now I’m strongly considering the I2R UCCNC version by Axiom.

Any thoughts or feedback?

The one upgrade which one former Nomad user has gone to has been a Datron, but it’s quite a bit more than $5K I believe.



Indeed, the Datron NEO has all the features you want, but it costs $80,000 + various other needs. Our total setup came to just a little under $120,000.

That being said, the Neo paid for itself in 8 months. I do a high volume of brass stamping dies now, up to 24-32 a day, every day, including most Saturdays!

Right now, my Neo is down, due to a worn out spindle, which costs more than your budget too, at $6,400…

But hey, we can all dream! Plus playing the lottery helps :slight_smile:


A decent ATC on any machine sub 5k is very unlikely. Whilst you can get some low power versions/ATC retrofit kits they themselves are incredibly expensive and need additional kit such as air supplies to run them.

From what I see those machines are not self enclosed.

Do you need more space or want more power? Could you buy another Nomad and save $2.5k?

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Just make 8x12 so change axis Y long. Simple.

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