Larger waste board in Nomad - plans?

Does anyone have plans for a larger waste board for the NOMAD? There is all this space to the left I’d like to use. Ms. Crystal suggested I ask here…

Otherwise, I’ll experiment and share.

Weird. I found two links which discuss replacing the Nomad bed, but each one is a link to the other or something along those lines (Disqus really confuses me sometimes).

You’d think it would be listed here:

Hopefully someone has already drawn up (or found?) a file for this — it would be nice to have a copy for the wiki: (and now, thanks to @markwal and @robgrz we do).

The plans for the original bed might be useful. They’re here: Replacing the Nomad bed

Of course, the extra space there can only be used for work holding since the spindle can’t reach. But you probably knew that already.

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Makes me wonder if the HTS guy would make one with a little extra… Another couple inches on the left would be pretty handy. Not much room to the front or back.

I’d like to set up the clamping outside the work envelope. Hence the question…

Agree. I made an L shaped clamp I can hang over the left side of the bed and use cam clamps on the right with. Would be nice to put a hold down out there.

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