Largest Bottom Cleaning Bit that can be used on XXL Shapeoko

Hello Everyone!

I use a Shapeoko XXL. I am wondering the largest cutting diameter “bottom cleaning” router bit that can be used? I have some plunge cuts that are large is surface area and using a 1/4" diameter takes forever.


I presently am using a 1.312" (33mm) diameter cutter.


This link may help.


This is the end mill I use. It does well and leaves a great finish.

[Amana Tool 45525](Amana Tool 45525 Carbide Tipped 1-1/8 Dia x 1/2 CH x 1/4 Shk x 1-19/32 Long Spoilboard Surfacing & Flattening 3-Flute Router Bit 5.0 out of 5 stars 4

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