Laseoko Pro Build Thread

This will be the build thread for our 1KW fiber laser that we’ve been building since the middle of the Summer in preparation for relaunching one of our products. We were waiting for a viable CNC motion platform to be announced, and the Shapeoko Pro we ordered fits that need perfectly for us.

Powered by Lightburn and utilizes an all-in-one DSP so the machine can be used without a computer if preferred.

The Shapeoko Pro should be delivered tomorrow.

We designed one of the most compact all-in-one, portable fiber cabinets so we can take to tradeshows and this is our blueprint machine for eventually making more of them.


What thickness stainless steel can a 1kw fiber laser cut?

No idea there :thinking: We specialize in thin gauge spring steel used for flex plates.

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You should be able to clean cut with Nitrogen up to 12ga with a 1kw. This is dependant on the focal length at the head though. 7.5" focal length is preferable for thicker applications.

Shapeoko Pro is mostly assembled! Now commence the dozen or so McMaster orders to finish up everything so the machine can be commissioned.


Looks great! What table kit is that?

What kind of ballpark price will a 1kW fiber laser system go for - used Civic or more like Lamborghini?

Hi Dan! This is the Kreg 44" x 44" universal bench kit with the optional locking casters and 31" leg kit.

Price would be around base model F-150.

It looked like Kreg blue but didn’t realize they had a square option. Got it, out of my range but will be fun to see it come together.

If we mass produce these in the next few years (if there’s a market) we can maybe get that price down.

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I’ve got to ask. How are you planning on keeping the laser from cutting the bed all up? Industrial fiber lasers have a very narrow beam that cuts for a long way even after the base material is cut. I’ve been working with industrial lasers for a little over 20 years, and I have never seen a bed that is solid. They all use an open frame with replaceable slats to hold the workpiece. The 4kw fiber we have eats slats like jelly beans, not to mention the amount of dross that is blown all over the slats.
Just curious.


Just install a mirrored base, work outside away from airport traffic! :smiley:


I’ve had beam reflection burn an insulated ceiling when cutting aluminum. :open_mouth:
I’ve definitely been “warmed” by beam reflection on old open table CO2 lasers.

@TX_diy What are you doing about eye protection with the fiber? Industrial fiber lasers are fully enclosed with filtered windows for the wavelength of the fiber laser. C02 lasers are safe to watch without such enclosures because the wavelength of the beam is not harmful to the eyes, but fiber lasers have a wavelength that will burn retinas. I’m not sure just providing glasses would be a good solution. Are you planning on building a filtered enclosure?

There’s slats not installed yet.

We don’t intend on using the hybrid table, so we may be listing it and the MDF pieces for sale soon!

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Cutting head is now installed. Bolted right up without an adapter plate! It’s almost as if Carbide had planned this all along for us. :smiley: :thinking:


Slat system we came up with installed! :smiley:


I’m really interested in the design of these slats. All of the lasers I have worked on have peaks and valleys along the length of the slats. The material that is to be cut sits on the peaks. I have also used old Mitsubishi hybrid design lasers that had pegs mounted into the bed to support the material. I like what you have going on here. The curved installation would keep a straight cut from being directly over the flat top of the slats while still giving a more consistent support system. Is this the thought process behind the design? Also, what are the series of slots and holes for?

Yep! That’s the idea.

The holes are for framing and meant as a building material:

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Will not be using the wiring that came with the machine, so now waiting on shielded stepper and endstop wiring to arrive. Doing things properly with star grounding!


Oxygen tank, dual stage regulator and flashback arrestor were delivered today. O2 solenoid valve was also installed into the rack.