Laser attachment for the Shapeoko 5 pro

What is the best laser attachment for the shapeoko 5 pro?

JTech Photonics has an all-in-one laser and mount specifically designed for the 5 Pro. Just note, however, that this will void your warranty with Carbide 3D.

Please write in to — there have been some discussions on what the accessory options for the SO5 Pro might be, and a laser by an approved vendor might be a possibility.


I’m confused how adding a self-powered laser would have any affect on a warranty any more than a dust boot.

It may have it’s own power, but it still gets plugged into the controller. If the 3rd party laser takes out Carbide’s board, who pays to replace it?

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The laser add-on couldn’t be more risk than a spindle control connection. I’m thinking that “Carbide’s board” should have external outputs for accessories to plug in to.

So, it seems that there needs to be an approved vendor list made available if that’s the requirement, but I’ve not heard about warranty cancellation from Carbide for anything. Its always been the other way round; they warranty so much for so long.

It would be nice to get the official word from Carbide on this. It would seem to benefit Carbide as well as the user. I have seen quite a bit regarding using the JTech without any negatives other than the gymnastics involving Carbide’s accommodations in using it.


This would be of interest to me, a sanctioned Laser, oh yeah

a laser would be a cool addition.

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