Laser cutter and carbon monoxide detector question

I recently acquired a laser cutter kit for the Shapeoko and have some concerns about the fume they emit. I have proper ventilation in my workshop and I’m currently planning out a fume extraction system for the laser cutter. In the meantime, cuts are being made in an enclosure and I’ve got a shop vac hose pointed right at the laser.

So my question is, do laser cutters emit carbon monoxide? If they do, I plan on buying a carbon monoxide detector. Are there any other detectors that you guys would recommend that I should buy?

Please be very careful with a laser cutter if you haven’t read up on the risks. Cutting certain materials (PVC, specifically) will generate lethal fumes. Proper fume venting is a must, no matter what you’re cutting. Not trying to get all safety-police on ya, but I’d put it in an enclosure and vent it to the outside of the building, at a minimum.


Here’s a pretty good list of things that shouldn’t be cut with a laser and things that are OK.

Things to NEVER cut with a laser!


By all means, please be the safety police. Safety never takes a holiday!

I actually have my enclosure sitting right next to my garage door. The door is even open during cutting. I’ll have to take a picture of my setup one of these days.

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This is great, thanks for sharing!

But now that you’re here… tell me more of the laser module you’re using and the software driving it? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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