Laser engraving settings

Hello. Recently set up a JTech 4.2 on my Shapeoko using Lightburn. Played around with some formats and did some test power/speed runs. Leather is still a problem as it creates quite an amount of soot that will rub off on the rest of the project. What spreads are people running with leather?

I also wanted to engrave some yeti mugs or similar. I tried on a beat up mug but didn’t seem to get to the metal.

Also, if anyone is looking for a spindle, I was able to find one at Micro Center for $60. I’ll post after I set it up.

Rather than a laser, I’ve been cutting leather w/ a drag knife — is that not an option?

The type of leather can make a big difference. On my Glowforge I can only cut Veggie-tan leather, any of the oil tan stuff just makes an unholy mess. I also mask the leather on both sides to keep most of the smutz off.

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