Laser grbl with opt laser on shapeoko 4 xxl

I have a question I have been in contact with opt laser and maybe getting one of their lasers soon for my shapeoko 4 XXL here is my question on software as I do videos with my CNC and we’ll be doing some with this laser I like to show free programs on my channel instead of paid programs I have been using basic carbide create with inkscape for my CNC and have been looking into laser grbl program for using with this laser and a sainsmart 1620 desktop laser as a free alternative to also use in conjunction with inkscape for creating the SVG files is it possible to use laser grbl for an opt laser that is on a shapeoko?

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This question seems reasonable and probably deserves an answer.

I’ve edited the post to add the missing punctuation so it’s easier to read (no judgement - we all have different skills - it’s just hard to read as it is written):

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