Laser head question!

I have a 2.8 laser driver and a laser head for my shapeoko 3. My question is, can I buy a stronger laser head for the driver I have? Right now I can hardly cut through 1/16 vernier. I would like to cut at least easy through 1/8" plywood.

Hi @franazzo,

I guess that is a question for the vendor of that laser driver and how much it can take?
Are you using the 2.8W JTech laser maybe? As far as I can tell their laser driver is common to the 2.8W, 4.2W, and 7W models but you should really consult with them to get an answer

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I would look at jtech and see what they recommend. 2.8W should cut 1/16 veneer, but will take multiple passes - more power jut means fewer passes. 7w might make it through in a couple. Strongly advise adding some smoke clearing at the cut line (compressed air works well, I used a fan but kept hitting it on things :))

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