Laser Smoke Extractor shoe for Sweepy Pro

Designed to fit C3D Sweepy Pro for HDM (may work on whatever else this dust boot fits). Able to be 3D printed in 3 parts and glued together. Places the inlet just behind the JTech 24w Quad when using my mount. Uses the 6 magnets and original screws already on the foot.


Like it. Much more clever than mine. I have to remove the plate to mount mine.

Also a three piece print if you include the activated carbon filter hold down.

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Once I have the prototype completed I’ll release the files. The last piece should be done shortly.



Here is the design for an alternate front piece. This one is for lower suction setups. If i use my shop vac, V1 does great, If i use my ACFininty fan, not as great. This is specific to my laser mount and the JTech 24w Pro

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To save me some time, do you have a dxf of the pattern for the flange? I have a 24W on my SO5 with a mount on the side dovetail mount. If not I totally understand. :slight_smile:

Do you want the source files? Here is the DXF.

I can share my mount and the shoe if you’d like

Shoe Pattern.dxf (11.9 KB)


Final prototype before resin printing.


The DXF is great. Lets me just do all the rest since I enjoy it. It is appreciated. :slight_smile:


Keep in mind the front two through holes for the thumb screws need to be 2 mm lower than the magnet holes. See diagram below.

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