Laser wattage for shapeoko

Im aware of both the jtech and endurance, my question is what wattage for doing mostly logo and text engraving in wood.

Engraving wood is the easiest scenario, a few Watts is more than enough. I have the 2.8W JTech and happy with it for that usecase.

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You might want to look closely at the expected lifetime of each wattage, pay also attention to the resolution of each unit, before You buy a laser.

I have a 2.8w JTech also, and I’ve been happy with it. I pretty much just do text engraving on wood. Given a busy workload, you may want to consider the 7.2w if you want to cut your laser time down.

To give you an idea, I engraved this recently. The work area is about 4”x9”, and it took just under 25 minutes.

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I am a new user and set up a 4.2W JTech. I purchased the magnetic mount, shroud and high resolution lens. This was my post from a 7 minute run, using Lightburn software.

@jepho I couldn’t help but click on your laser thread you linked to above. Don’t bother with the G10 L2 “macros”. Those are recommended because of a misunderstanding by the guys at Lightburn. All it does is move your work zero to the back right for “CNC mode” and to the front left for “laser mode”. I’m guessing very few of us use the back right as WORK zero.
How do you set your work zero in Lightburn?

Maybe @WillAdams could move this post to the Jeff’s laser thread?

Hi Neil. I tend to use the centre of the workpiece for my laser use. If I am not mistaken, the macro was to address an issue where the SO3 does not move in response to jog commands in the correct way. That is to say that when first starting Lightburn and jogging to -X all is fine but attempting to reverse the direction of travel to X shows the movement continuing towards -X. This is the same for the Y direction where it works towards minus but will not move towards the X. The issues with Z are restricted because that will only jog if Lightburn’s movement button is not set for continuous motion.

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