Last minute gift

This is nothing special, just an illustration of why I just love having my Shapeoko around. Yesterday evening it occured to me that we have dinner at the neighbors tonight, and I forgot to buy a little something. Instead of the usual chocolate box type I figured I would cut a custom piece named after their newborn. I got to it at 9pm, 30min to find a font (and I hate browsing for fonts…), 30min of CAD, 30 minutes of cutting, a little sanding, and voilà.

I still have to finish fine sanding though.
Mango wood, 1/8" 2 flute square endmill, 20.000RPM, 50ipm, 1/16" DOC.


This link might help cut down the “font-finding” time for you.


Thanks, nice resource, bookmarked

After a while, one learns them — an older resource, and one which I highly recommend is Rookledge’s Type Finder.


Oh, its one of those book thingeys. :smiley: Not a bad price for paperback.

Rookledge’s Classic International Typefinder Paperback

It isn’t 21st century stuff, but who cares?

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The other 21st century thing would be — there was also a CD-ROM ages ago, which I wrote a review of.

I love the way you did the floating I very clever looks lovely

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