LattePanda and Carbide Motion

(Ken Chalk) #1

Thinking about picking up a LattePanda to run Carbide Motion in the shop. Anyone know if LattePanda specs are sutable to run carbide creat.

CPU:Intel 8th Gen Celeron Processor N4100, Intel 8th Gen Core M3 optional
Core:1.1-2.4GHz Quad-Core,Four-Thread
Benchmark (PassMark): Up to 1800+
Graphics:Intel UHD Graphics 600, 200-700MHz
RAM:4GB LPDDR4 2400MHz Dual-Channel, 8GB optional
Memory:32GB eMMC V5.0l
External Memory:
1x M.2 B Key, PCIe 2x, Supports SATA SSD
1x M.2 E Key, PCIe 2x,Supports USB2.0, UART, PCM
Connectivity: WIFI 802.11 AC, 2.4G & 5G
Dual Band Bluetooth 4.2
Gigabyte Ethernet
USB Ports: 3x USB 3.0 Type A
1x USB Type C, supports PD, DP, USB 3.0
Display: HDMI Output
Type-C DP Support
Extendable eDP touch displays
Co-processor:Arduino Leonardo
GPIO & Other Features:2x 50p GPIOs including I2C, I2S, USB, RS232, UART, RTC,Power Management,Extendable power button,everything you need
OS Support: Includes a activated edition of Windows 10 Pro


(mikep) #2

Should be just fine.


(Phil Gorsuch) #3

Beefier processor and more RAM than what I use so I would guess it wouldn’t be a problem.


(Ken Chalk) #4

Thank you. I’m considering picking up a touchscreen, machining my own case, and build a home bro brew Surface Pro.


(Phil Gorsuch) #5

Sounds pretty awesome - be sure to share some photos here when complete!

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(matthew ) #6

Verrrrrry interesting.


(Ken Chalk) #7

Can’t wait to get started. Unfortunely it going to take three weeks for my LattePanda baord to reach me here in the U.S.


(Jeremy Proffitt) #8

You can pick up an 8 inch surface pro 2 tablet for like $200 used, very reliable and if you get the 256G or 512G version, the have 8G, pair that with the i5 inside and touch screen and it’s a great cnc pc. I happen to have a few from past stuff and use them on my laser and have one set up for my Nomad, LOVE them!

Since the panda uses the celeron processor, I wouldn’t recommend it, windows will chew it up in a second.

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