Laughing at my self!

I had occasion to make a jig to in increase my cross cut depth on my saw stop. Multiple YouTube videos, parts and materials on hand.

As I am imagining how to lay this out, I actually though, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple CAD type program to draw this in?”

I kid you not, I was so focused on traditional ways to make this, I totally didn’t think of of Carbide Create, let alone carving this on CNC.

So here you are. A simple jig to balance a miter gauge without having to make a big ole sled, which would still suffer from the lack of in feed support. 23" vs 12" of cross cut capacity.

Pics and carve file, if you are interested.

Jig - Saw Stop Infeed.c2d (60 KB)


I love it. I often want to use my miter gauge on parts that are too deep to fit between it and the blade.

I first seen this idea on Izzy Swan’s channel.

I used his design and made my version using ‘traditional’ woodworking tools. My challenge was how to mount it to my fence rail which has a U-Channel design.

Lots of ways to skin a cat. Glad it worked out for you.



Izzy’s channel is where I saw him doing it on CNC and had my epiphany.


I was able to make the auxiliary table using my bandsaw, oscillating spindle sander and tablesaw much faster than using the CNC. And since it was a one time project it made sense. Having said that your design is now available to anyone who downloads the file. Thanks for sharing.


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I have seen the Izzy Swan video about the extension. He sells the plans and/or the actual device. However he made an announcement on his youtube video he was retiring. So not sure if he is going to keep selling his stuff or not.

For me some projects are good on the cnc. I made a fence for my incra miter gauge with multiple holes so as I wore out one slot I could move the fence down and keep using it. But some projects are just easier to just make without the cnc.

The advantage of the CNC for the fence was on a drill press you have to move the material and can introduce mistakes. By cutting on the cnc I get exact placement of the holes and recesses.

Another thing I use the CNC for is making butterfly/bowtie inlays on projects with cracks/splits. I dont cut the inlay on the cnc because the project is too big to get on my XXL but I make the template that I use to cut with my router 1/8" bit and router guide bushings. I can make any shape I want on my CNC and dont have to rely on someone else’s template.


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