Launch of - Your New CNC Hub

To the Community and especially those that have just joined us,

Today we consolidated the Carbide 3D user experience.

Our aim is to provide you a well equipped launch pad to learn new skills, take on new projects and drive your CNC experience wherever you’d like.

  • Video Training / Design Resources / Community and Support all in one place.

Your Carbide 3D Community Login is your ticket to the new platform. So click on over and explore. We will continually add new content and features.



Link is dead? Even forcing it to HTTPS.

Thank you Dan. It is now in working order

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“couse” vs. course…

Good catch. And I will not mess with your Texas.

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This is super awesome! I’m so glad I invested my money into a great company that sells functional and reliable products!

Most importantly, fosters an incredible community of makers sharing their experiences along the way!

Thanks Carbide3D!


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