Layered Acrylic Signage

Moving on to Acrylic. The letters here are 1/4" thick Cast Acrylic. Back sprayed with Krylon Fusion. Acrylic is a breeze with the Shapeoko.


You can see in the closeup I took two passes to cut the acrylic. The next time I do this I will do a cleanup pass of the full material depth, maybe a couple thousands in. Give it a nice clean edge.


A little planning, and it is a feature. First pass to half thickness, next pass 0.2mm out to full depth. Shadow line city.

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how did you do the backboard? Was it black acrylic that you taped off and painted blue, then cut?

Looks like black PVC to me.

The background panel was black sintra with a green vinyl overlay and masked for the cutting

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You killed it! This looks amazing! I’m about to do my first sign out of acrylic cast and i’m so nervous. Do you have any suggestions for me? What bits would your recommend?

You want to use an Amana O Flute bit. I order my bits from

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