Learn from my mistake

I have seen a lot of posts from new members of the community so thought I would share an experience from yesterday that may help others.

I had just changed to the 3rd bit of a 3 bit job and when I hit the bitrunner button to re-engage the C3D router I heard a strange clicking noise from the router. I disengaged the router again and pulled the brush on the accessible side. It was worn, but not bad. I put it back in and the router would not turn back on at all. Not even when I bypassed the BitRunner.

I figured I should check the brush on the other side which meant pulling the router out of the mount as it was obscured. So, here is the stupid part, I loosened the bolts holding the mount to the back plate instead of the ones clamping the router in place which of course messed up my tramming. I knew better and was just dumb.

After slapping myself I did pull the router out and got to that brush and it was very worn on that side. I replaced both and then the router would fire up.

In the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons I took the opportunity to check / tighten every bolt,
Lubricate everything, tune the belts, re-tram and then flatten the spoilboard again. All tuned up I restarted my job from scratch. It was a test of an inlay plug using a 6.2 degree TBN. That was a failure, but that’s another story.

At least my machine is tuned up and ready to go again.

This is a comparison of the really bad brush to a new one. The other side was barely worn.


With that significant of a difference in the brushes I wonder if a bearing isnt wearing out?

Hmm. I bought this one in mid October to use while replacing the innards on another one. So, it’s only been in use 6 months and only a few hours a week typically.

May not be just usually see pretty even wear in mine.

Not doubting, just not excited by the idea.

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