Led Acrylic signs

So I have never cut acrylic, but I want to make a couple edge lit signs. Can I use a normal 102 Endmill to do so? Or do I need a Vee Bit? Also does anyone know if there’s a place where I can get these cheaper? I want to hang it from the top but don’t want to spend almost $25 on LED’s alone unless I absolutely have to. Also what kind of feeds and speeds would I use on acrylic? Thank you in advance!!!

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There are feeds and speeds for a #102 in acrylic in Carbide Create:

I use hardwood feeds and speeds for a V endmill in acrylic — it seems to work well enough.


Thank you. I was looking in the wrong place :man_facepalming: Will the 102 cut the acrylic so that I can light the edges and make it stand out? Thank you!

I buy the 12v or 5v LED strips on Amazon and cut them to length, then make my own base from wood. Glue the led strip into the base and buy the inexpensive 12v power supplies with included barrel jack. Or usb breakout boards for the 5v LED strips.

But that is not the best way if you want to make a bunch fairly quickly.


Yes the 102 is great at cutting as are the v bits


Thank you. That’s what I’ll try and do. I want to make a few as a bunch of family and friends want them. I initially thought I needed a laser engraver until I saw a sign they bought that looked like it was CNC cut. Thank you!!

I have used these for a couple backlit skylines:
Amazon Sewing Machine LEDs
Work pretty well, surprisingly bright and I dig the included dimmer and wall plug.

And like @MadHatter said, cut a slot in some stock to make a base out of whatever you have laying around.


Here’s a bunch of already terminated short strips that would be good for LED edge lit signs.

And here are the inexpensive 12V wall warts with jack to power them.


Thank you so much. I think I’ll go with those :+1: Thank you!!!

Thank you! That project looks amazing by the way!!!. When I’m back to machining I’m gonna take all of the advice from this and try and do my sign :sweat_smile:. Thank you so much!!!

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