Letter cutout on shapeoko xxl

Hey everybody. I’m have trouble figuring out how to do cutouts. I have a capital letter “M” that needs cutout of 1/4 inch stock. The left side is approx 9” and the right side is approx 8” (Complete guesstimations) but the effect is to be slightly diagonal.

Any ideas how I would set this up in carbide create or is it possible?

Super possible in carbide create.
What you’ll do is setup the letter:

Then go over to the toolpath tab and select the letter (should highlight orange). Select the contour option:

Then select the proper tool and also outside for offset direction.
You can also add tabs under the edit tabs section. Tabs are little segments of stock left to keep the piece to the stock.


Thank you very much for the info. But how do I make it the exact size I need? Being longer on one side than the other?

Oh, either find a font that does what you want (sort of) or use inkscape to create a .svg file that you can import in that has a letter M.
Or the very tedious option you could use the polyline tool (the one that looks like a rotated Z in the design tool section), to draw out your desired letter. You could use boxes to help you keep within constraints.

I was considering the polyline. But I don’t know how to get it to the exact measurements on carbide. Or how to make it the exact measurements period on carbide create. Inkscape is a whole new learning experience for a beginner like me.

Youtube tutorials exist for inkscape.

To continue on the polyline, you can setup boxes for reference guides in carbide create.

Here’s the second one laid out.

And then if I wanted to have a specific width I could set that up as well:

Then it’s just a matter of drawing what you want with polyline. If you wanted curves you could used the curve line as well.


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