Lettering and tabs

I’ve had my unit for about a month and struggling with a few things -
#1 letters - for the life of me I can’t figure out how to cut letters so the middle of R,O,P don’t come out. I’ve tried 1/8” and 1/4” end mills, as well as Amanda 41670 and 45771 - would like to understand how to get clean cut letters without losing the insides
#2 tabs - can’t figure this little buggers out. I put the thickness of my board, add the tabs, and continues to cut all the way through the board putting the tabs in my waste-board.

Is there videos that can help with either one?

Have you checked the simulation to see if the tabs show there. Also make sure the (ignore tabs) box is unchecked. Also attach the file that helps to troubleshoot problems.


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Could you post your file?

Do you see the tabs in the 3D preview?

I do see the tabs
Settings are as follows:

  • Start Depth “0”
  • Max Depth “.75” (which also is the thickness of my board)
    Tabs - .47 wide and .11 height
    Ignore tab is not checked

Im assuming now that I look at this that I should be setting my max cut depth .75-.11

Would that resolve my challenge?

No, no need to change max depth (if you do it as you describe, the tabs will disappear).

Are you sure that your stock thickness is measured accurately and that you are setting zero so as to get the correct movement (and that your Z-axis configuration is correct)?

Posting the file and photos of the results would help — if it’s a confidential project, mail in to support@carbide3d.com

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