Letters snapping w/ snaps off

In CC when you try and tweak your kerning and leading , your letters still snap to each other when you get too close even with snap to grid off.

Is there any way to disable that?

Its maddening.

You have to move in close and be careful when you move the letter, then zoom out to see the whole set, and with the mouse wheel, would love a zoom tool you can use + and - keys.

CC is great for a lot of things but working with text ends up slowing me down. You cant kern properly so I just do everything in Illustrator and export as an svg.

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It’s not just text, it’s any shape with a lot of nodes. There really should be a “Snap to Node” toggle as well as the “Snap to Grid”

I would likely move all the letters aside then bring them back one at a time, starting from the middle out & grabbing the letter where it won’t want to snap to the already placed letters.

Hey thanks! And yes thats the method I use but again when you get too close the edges of the letters snap to each other any way you do it.

Ah no biggie, too many other good things going on wit my Pro 5 to make this an issue.


All of the sudden CC is crashing when I import another project


Can you zoom in enough (such that the offending nodes are not shown) to manipulate the kerning and leading to your liking? I believe the workspace view is relative in the sense that zooming in “increases” the space between the nodes and stops the snapping.

Another workaround could be to use the node snapping to position a grid of rectangles such that their centers are exactly where you’d like your letters to be. Then use the align tool to center the letters individually inside the rects. In this way you can easily control the distance between letters using the width of the rectangles and it should be easy to work with the node snapping of the rectangles.


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That looks like it would work fine, but it takes me seconds to kern in Illustrator and even less time to export. Place your cursor, and alt arrow keys, lighting fast.

Id rather do my text native in CC, BUT…I’ve also found depending on the font, and whether you do in CC or Illustrator, the V carve paths get hung up on parts of your letters and just bounce up and down in the same spot before moving on.

My record is 10 bounces on a serif. :woozy_face:

(did a post on that)

Doing all the extra drawing seems overkill, unless of course CC is the only app you have to create text.

Also, you cant constrain your characters to the baseline , which would be a big help even w/o a kerning function. (Shift key plus enter w/ the adobes)

Having a kerning function would fix it.

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An unfortunate record to hold lol.

It maybe illustrates why CC seems to be lacking in some functionality. There are a whole host of free software to do a lot of the things CC falls short on, I love Inkscape. I assume that the team is focusing on the most important aspect of CC → generating correct toolpaths.

The text handling in CC leaves much to be desired. The snapping is also related to grid size chosen so if your object does not fall precisely on a grid line, it can be very difficult to place among other objects accurately. Affinity Designer (Illustrator analogue) is what I use for text; where you can kern and track text until the cows come home. As you can place your items to three decimal places, this is a very easy task when comparisons are made with CC’s text handling facilities.

Two things to remember:

  1. Turn all text into curves so that typeface handling anomalies do not mess up your work.
  2. CC does NOT honour any software’s exported size information unless you create it at 96dpi.