Letters to Santa

I posted the unfinished Letters to Santa on what did you cut on your Shapeoko/Nomad. I finished my 2x4 club project and here it is.

This likely wont win but our WW club has a booth at Christmas craft show and I will make a post and writing platform with paper crayons and envelopes to draw people to the booth.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth!

P.S. I am asking for a tall blonde to help make my Christmas wishes come true.


Careful what you wish for! :smiley: Great project! Hopefully inspiring, too!



I finished my letters to santa mailbox and stand. The Letters to Santa is part of a 2x4 woodworking club challenge. I made the stand so when we have a booth at the Christmas craft fair we can set it in front of the booth to draw children in and then give the parents a handout advertising our Woodworking club

Merry Christmas.

The platform on the front is for the kids to write the letter to Santa. I will have paper and crayons there for them to write.

Not sure what to do with the Letters to Santa. Should I put them in a post box, read them or just throw them away. Sometimes kids write some very happy letters and sometimes some very sad letters.

What to do with the letters?


I recall a story from am associate that did a lot of work for Toys For Tots saying that they also received a few very sad letters each year. They made an effort to make sure that those kids (families) received something each year. Just a thought.


Guy, you’d better figure out a way to collect a kid’s address while they’re filling out their letter.

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Ok lets look at the optics of an old man enticing children in and collecting their address. Not happening. We will have a signup sheet for any parents to give us email so we can alert them to our meetings.

That signup will only be adults that want us to contact them.

I had not thought about the address thing for the kids but I guessed most kids dont really know their address. I made the stand 24" tall figuring we would get 4-10 year old kids because under 4 they likely cannot write and over 10 they no longer believe in Santa.


WHAT??? I have seen 64 winters and now you tell me there is no Santa.

Great job