Leveling the working surface (not the sacrifical board)?

Quite a bit of the work I’ll be doing will involve making molds. To this end, I’ll be putting in alignment pin-holes for dowels to go into, etc. But I need the surfaces to be level, so that the ‘halves’ of the mold match up well. Is there a simple way to do this? Whether it’s running a STL to face mill the board first, or specifications I’m missing in Meshcam?


Generally, I’d surface the top of the mold unless you have something like Mic-6 that’s already ground.

Otherwise, I’d generate a flat STL in and surface it in MeshCAM.

For what it’s worth, we’ll probably be providing more elegant ways to to do this- either in MeshCAM, Carbide Motion, or some other program.

Since you brought up mold making, I’ll take the opportunity to post one of my favorite sites on the Internet: